8 Best Camera for Motovlogging In 2022 [Stunning Capture]

If you’re here, you probably like motorbikes and want to capture those moments and share them with the world… yes?

If so, you’re in the right place if you’re thinking about vlogging your motorbike experiences. If you want to motovlog, this article will show you how to get the best camera for motovlogging.

A good motovlogging camera is compact, small, and well-built. These features will help you capture mesmerizing and captivating images even when in motion. And considering how the motovlogging world is expanding every day, you need the best motovlog camera if you’re looking to make a positive and beneficial impact in this space.

Below, you’ll find what we consider some of the best cameras for motovlogging.

Read on to find out more.

Best Overall

GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera

GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera
  • Photo: 23 megapixels (HDR SuperPhoto)
  • Video: 5.3K, 60fps
  • Processor: GP2
  • Video Stabilization: HyperSmooth 4.0
  • Front Screen: 1.4-inch color LCD
  • Rear Screen: 2.7-inch LCD
Best for Professionals

Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera

Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera
  • Photo: 6080×3040 (2:1)5.3K, 60fps
  • Video: Steady Cam, MP4
  • Bitrate: 100Mbps
  • Bluetooth: BLE 4.2
  • Charging: Type C
Best for beginners

AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera

AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera
  • Photo: 20 megapixel
  • Video: 4K 30fps
  • Digital lenses: Narrow, medium, wide, and super-wide
  • Screens: 1.5-inch front screen and 2-inch rear touchscreen.

Comparison Chart:

Best Cameras For MotoVloggingPhotoVideoSensor Type
GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera23 megapixels (HDR SuperPhoto)5.3K, 60fpsGP2
Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera6080×3040 (2:1) 23MP5.3K, 60fpsCMOS
AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP WiFi Action Camera20 megapixel4K 30fpsCMOS
DJI Osmo 4K Action Cam 12MP Digital CameraRAW Dynamic range 12 megapixelsFull HD 4K 60fpsCMOS
Neewer G2 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera12 megapixels4K 30fpsG2 Processor
GoPro HERO9 Black Waterproof Action Camera23.6 megapixels5K 60fpsCMOS
AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera12 megapixelsHD 4k 30fpsCMOS
YI 4K+ Action Camera12 megapixelsHD 4K 30fpsCMOS

8 Best Camera For Motovlogging Review in 2022

Best Camera for Motovlogging

1. GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action CameraBest Overall

According to GoPro, HERO10 is the new era of action cameras. However, this isn’t surprising, considering it’s from a company leading the action camera space. They dubbed it the ‘New Era’ because it’s an upgrade from the G2 processor, which essentially powers the whole camera.

Let’s take a closer look at why this camera is number one on the list

GoPro HERO10

New GP2 Processor

Compared to its predecessor, the new HERO10 has double the frame rate and double the overall performance across hi-res video modes. It’s now twice as smooth when viewing and reviewing live previews and footage on the device’s front LCD screen.

It is an incredibly responsive rear LCD touchscreen as well. Some may even feel it’s too responsive and save files they don’t want.

Enhanced Video Frame Rates

Thanks to its new processor, the frame rates have doubled across the board. The highest resolution now ranges between 5K – 5.3K video, meaning you can take 4K video footage at a huge 120fps in 5K

Incredible Still Images

This action camera has the SuperPhoto application. This feature can help the user turn any photograph into an outstanding HDR shot that does not need editing. However, if you are a professional, you might want to consider using the RAW mode to take advantage of the 23 megapixels.

Smoother HyperSmooth 4.0

The HyperSmooth application has never been this smooth. Okay, that might not be totally accurate but that’s how it feels. It’s incredibly easy to dial up in all the best stabilization modes and at all times. Plus, it gives you even better horizon leveling and lowlight performances with higher tilt limits.

Fast and Reliable Connectivity

It’s both super fast and super easy to use. Transferring videos and images from your cloud-connected action camera to your smartphone is versatile and simple, with one of the options available to you being the Quick App.


  • Photo: 23 megapixels (HDR SuperPhoto)
  • Video: 5.3K, 60fps
  • Processor: GP2
  • Video Stabilization: HyperSmooth 4.0
  • Front Screen: 1.4-inch color LCD
  • Rear Screen: 2.7-inch LCD

 User Experience

For starters, this new edition fires up way faster than its predecessor, the HERO9. Its screen responsiveness is also a lot quicker and smoother too. In fact, the screen feels as smooth as a high-end smartphone screen, which is pretty remarkable, to say the least.

The camera also processes and captures photos quickly, especially in RAW mode.

  • New GP2 Processor for better performance
  • Enhanced video frame rates
  • Provides 23 megapixel still images via the SuperPhoto feature
  • Low light improvements
  • No in-built microphone
  • Lack of optical zoom

Why Should You Get It?

As you can see, this action camera has many great features and applications, and these reasons are why we consider this the best action camera for motovlogging. When the company said it was the ‘New Era,’ it wasn’t playing around. GoPro really did go above and beyond with this new installment.

2. Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree – Best for Professionals

The Insta360-degree ONE X2 action camera allows you to create camera-style standard action videos. This powerful action camera will exceed the expectations of people looking to develop something expansive-looking, innovative, and new without the help of a camera crew and/or drones.

Insta360 ONE X2

Fantastic Handling and Design

Like most 360-degree cameras, this product also has a pair of fisheye lenses. These lenses allow you to take 5.7K 30fps videos stitched together to produce all-sky videos. However, it is designed to be zoomed-in and cut down to create regular ratio videos as well. You can also use it to take 18.4-megapixel pictures.

Outstanding Software

This camera’s software is well done. The camera’s app allows you to easily connect the camera and set up an account via your smartphone. The camera connects through Bluetooth and WiFi for camera control functions and content transfer.

FlowState Stabilization 

Stabilization on this action camera is outstanding, and is one of the best things about it. Keeping shots steady has never been easier because of its incredible horizon leveling algorithms. You don’t even need a gimbal.

Invisible Selfie Stick

The camera has an invisible selfie stick application you can use to take videos and capture images with which disappears when you begin to edit. You can now capture third-person perspectives and drone-like angles with the flick of your wrist.

Pocket Camera Crew

This one device can act as your own pocket camera crew. You can shoot in all directions using super 5.7K 360-degrees capture and then pick your best angle later. Or, you can use just a single lens with the device’s SteadyCam application for wide-angle, ultra-stable footage.


  • Photo: 6080×3040 (2:1)5.3K, 60fps
  • Video: Steady Cam, MP4
  • Bitrate: 100Mbps
  • Bluetooth: BLE 4.2
  • Charging: Type C

User Experience

The best thing about this product is its ability to take 360-degree video content and its powerful smartphone software that allows you to easily transfer the stuff you’ve created and want to share. It’s a capable action camera with a pocketable format that you can easily tach through its quarter-inch bottom port.

  • Special effects mode
  • Waterproof design
  • Extensive editing suite
  • InstaPano photos
  • It has a learning curve
  • Requires recent photos
  • Time-consuming photographs

Why Should You Get It?

This is an incredible 360-degree camera that’ll surpass the expectations of people trying to do expansive and new things without the help of a camera crew.

3. AKASO Brave 7 LE – Best For Beginners

The AKASO Brave 7 looks like the Osmo Action camera. It has a full-color front-facing LCD screen and a circular-shaped lens port. This new installment from the Chinese-based company allows users to see themselves on another separate ‘selfie screen’ next to the camera’s lens.

AKASO Brave 7 LE

Great Overall Handling

The 4K 30fps will please many users, especially those looking for the best camera for motovlogging. This camera boasts 6-axis stabilization and uses a 20MP sensor to capture incredible footage. It’s also waterproof down to 3 ft because of its underwater housing.

Incredible performance

The camera is weatherproof and toughly made. Its undercarriage also has a standard tripod thread, alongside an HDMI output feature. However, Its fixed focus application means you’ll need to keep your subjects at least 50cm or 20-inches away.


This action camera has has an IPX7 Waterproof rating and is fully operational all the way down to 33-feet underwater. You can vlog in rainstorms and even go surfing with it, if that’s also one of the other extreme sports you’re in to.

Convenient Dual-Display

With its dual color screen design, users can change monitoring and framing views between front and back. The camera’s vivid front screen will get you your selfies and its two-inch back screen display makes it generally easier to use.

Many Professional Functions

Digital zoom applications and many different shooting modes like fast motion, burst photo and time-lapse, will allow you to create incredible motovlogging footage.


  • Photo: 20 megapixel
  • Video: 4K 30fps
  • Digital lenses: Narrow, medium, wide, and super-wide
  • Screens: 1.5-inch front screen and 2-inch rear touchscreen.

 User Experience

This camera has easy-to-use on-screen menus and has incredible touchscreen sensitivity. There are many swipes and gestures to add menus as well as one-touch tweaks. You can also tweak most of the camera’s settings on the Akaso GO application.

  • Two batteries provided
  • Selfie screen
  • Produces Hi-Res photos
  • Endless mounts
  • Small selfie screen
  • Not natively waterproof

Why Should You Get It?

One of the main reasons you’ll want to consider this option is that it’ll give you incredible value for money. For an action camera that performs this well and has excellent video quality, it’s quite reasonably priced.

Furthermore, its easy-to-use GO application helps make it one of the best cams on the list.

4. DJI Osmo 4K Action Cam – Best Tough

The DJI Osmo 4K looks like a GoPro. It’s got the same boxy, dark shape with a camera lens on its left side. At the back, there’s a touchscreen display similar to what you’ll find on the Hero7. However, the Osmo Action’s is a lot wider, measuring 16:9. This helps produce larger images.

DJI Osmo Action

Here are some of the other exciting features:

Great Overall Build Quality

This action camera feels solidly built. It is made of hard plastic materials and features a textured plastic grip wrapping around the whole device. The SD card slot and battery cover feels very secure when you lock it. Also, unlike the other cheaper alternatives, this camera has a waterproof rating which allows it to function 11 meters underwater without its protective case.

Comfortable Handling,

The only ergonomic feature on this action camera is the rubberized texture wrapping around the camera designed to ensure a secure grip when the user holds it by hand. It’s the only ergonomic feature on the camera because handheld use isn’t what the manufacturer had in mind.

With that said, the textured plastic grip is enough to ensure a comfortable and secure grip at all times.

Super Slow Motion

You can capture all your epic motovogging footage with outstanding detail and clarity with the help of the camera’s 8x slow motion feature with 1080p res and 240 frames per second. It great time-lapse feature will allow you to condense movement and time for excellent, easy to achieve results.

Water Resistant

The camera has a watertight seal alongside a hydrsophic cover that protects the back touchscreen display making the device waterproof up to 11 meters underwater. With this camera, you can motovlog in any weather.

RockSteady Technology

The camera’s RockSteady application combines complex algorithms with EIS to deliver shake-free and stable motovlogging footage no matter how intense or extreme the whole experience.


  • Photo: RAW Dynamic range
  • Video: Full HD 4K 60fps
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Charging: USB
  • Battery Type:AB1-1300mAh-3.85V

 User Experience

This is a fantastic action camera that you can easily mount onto a chest or helmet rig. It’s waterproof to a depth of about 11 meters and incredibly sturdy, meaning you can easily capture a lot of great underwater footage. In addition, you won’t have to worry too much about camera shake because its video stabilization feature will help smooth everything out.

  • Waterproof and sturdy overall design
  • FHD has a lot of frame rate options
  • Excellent video stabilization
  • No recording time limit
  • Disappointing video quality.

Why Should You Get it?

Besides giving you a lot of what a GoPro Hero does, when you go this route, you can rest assured you’ll be getting an action cam that has many frame rate options, which is ideal for  shooting motovlogs and action videos. You’ll also be able to access intuitive control features and a well-constructed overall build. You can’t have the best motovlog camera list without this product.

5. Neewer G2 4K – Best Outdoors

The Neewer G2 4K has a 12MP Burst 30fps feature that allows the user to capture every motovlogging experience. It’s ideal for action vlogs because it can generate wide-angle perspectives up to 170-degrees. Its WiFi capability makes it easy to share your content via Twitter, Facebook, email, or text using a computer, tab, or smartphone.

Neewer G2

Here are some of the features that make this a great option for motovogging.

Highly Responsive Touchscreen Display

This 4K action camera has a 2-inch highly responsive touchscreen display at the back that helps give the end-user an excellent operation experience. Its high-tech sensor creates a 12-megapixel photo resolution that allows you to easily capture all your exciting motorbike experiences.

Wireless Wrist Remote Control

The camera has a wireless wrist remote control that makes it more convenient and easier to capture and record moments in unreachable places. Recording video, framing shots, and controlling the camera, in general, has never been easier. Oh, and its wireless function ranges up to about 33-feet.

WiFi Functionality

You can easily connect the camera to your Android or iOS smartphone once you download and install the EZ iCam App. This application will allow you to control your camera remotely.

Multiple Modes

The camera has a time-lapse mode, Burst mode for continuous shooting, loop recording which is useful in the editing process and exposure. This action cam will allow you take all kinds of exciting motovlogging footage.

50-in-1 Accessories

The camera kit include several mounts, harnesses and straps to help ensure your camera stays safe when you’re motovlogging. It has everything you need to ensure you get a comfortable overall experience.


  • Lens: High-resolution wide-angle (170-degrees)
  • Display: 2-inch LCD screen
  • Video: 4K(3840×2160)30FPS
  • Photo: 12 megapixels
  • Battery: 3.7V/1050 MAH

 User Experience

Once you securely fasten the camera in its waterproof case, you’re good to go. Besides being great for diving, its easy-to-use touchscreen and wireless remote-control help make it a good option for motovlogging as well.

  • Waterproof housing
  • Has a 4K touchscreen action display that’s very responsive
  • Wireless wrist remote control
  • Can’t automatically record once you start moving

Why Should You Get It?

There’s a lot to say about why you should get this action camera. However, the main reasons why you should get it is because of its innovative wrist remote control and waterproof casing. These two features help make this camera stand out, and they’re why you should strongly consider this option.

6. GoPro HERO9 -Best For Action

With the Hero9, GoPro decided to change its flagship design. The GoPro Hero9 Black is slightly bigger than its predecessor, the Hero8. GoPro has utilized that extra space very well, pumping a little more life into the camera’s battery and placing a full-color front screen on it instead of the dated monochrome panel.


Let’s look at the other wonderful things GoPro has done with the Hero9 Black.

Great Overall Design

The biggest physical changes from its predecessor are the more prominent 2.27-inch rear touchscreen display, its beefier body, and the new 1.4-inch front full-color display, all perfect for motovlogging.

New Front Display

The new front display makes for intuitive camera control and easy framing. Thankfully though, it is not touch-sensitive, meaning you won’t have to worry about filling your mem card with many unhappy accidents.

A New 23.6MP Sensor

The new 23.6-megapixel sensor on the Hero9 is a huge upgrade that allows the end-user to take 20-megapixel stills and capture 5K/30p video content. And, it does all this while still supporting the powerful HyperSmooth Boost stabilization feature in all frame rates and resolutions.

Powerful Battery

Its larger 1720mAh battery offers about 30% more power compared to its predecessor. This will allow you to shoot more for longer without having to constanly charge or swap out batteries.

HyperSmooth 3.0

You can expect super smoothness and some of the best video stabilization ever because of the HyperSmooth 3.0 application. Not only does this feature enable in-built horizon leveling but it also helps boost all the other settings.


  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Photo: 23.6MP
  • Video: 5K
  • Display Screen: 2.27-inches
  • Stabilization: Digital
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, USB

User Experience

GoPro’s software helps make this camera stand out from the rest– that aren’t GoPros that is. For both iOS and Android phones, the GoPro App is decidedly functional and has automated edits for those that want to share quick clips. It also has improved trimming and timeline support for editors who are not already in the Final Cut or Adobe ecosystem.

  • Video quality of up to 5K/30fps
  • Front-facing color LCD screen
  • HDR imaging, buffering, and time-lapsing
  • Strong app support and USB charging
  • Excellent video stabilization.
  • You might need extra batteries.
  • Subscription services has some recurring costs.

Why Should You Get It?

Look no further if you’re looking for a water-resistance, rugged action camera for your motovlogging. This camera’s front-facing full-color LCD screen is why you should strongly consider getting it. It helps make action vlogging so much easier.

7. AKASO EK7000 – Best For Beginners

Another action cam similar to GoPro is the AKASO EK7000. However, not only does it look the same, but it also functions and operates the same way. The photos and videos look a lot like what you’d get from a GoPro action camera. Although, there’s a kicker. It’s a fraction of the price.


Let’s take a closer look at some other nifty features it has.

Simple Overall Design

Some may consider the design a bit too generic, but we see it as simple. The Akaso has a red light feature at the top that tells the user when it’s on. When recording, this red light blinks slowly. This is one of the many design styles Akaso “borrowed” from GoPro.

Additionally, the end-user can control all camera functions with just four buttons.

Excellent Video Quality

Considering its price is nowhere near that of a GoPro, it’s impressive how this camera can still provide exceptional video quality. Although, it won’t produce such great shots when there’s a lot of movement because of the lack of image stabilization. With that said, for its price, you’re still getting great value for money when it comes to the quality of video it produces.


This camera is waterproof upto 100-feet, meaning you can use it to motovlog in any kind of weather. It’s built to handle extreme environments and has a durable, waterproof casing to ensure this.

Long Battery Life

The camera comes with a pair of 1050mAh batteries, with each giving you an operation time of about 90 minutes. With this camera, worrying about recording time will be a thing of the past.

Great Connectivity

This option has built-in HDMI and WiFi connectivity, which more than you can ask from a device in the best camera for motovlogging list. You’re all set once you download and set up the AKASO GO app.


  • Video: HD 4k
  • Photo: 12 megapixel
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Connectivity: WiFi and HDMI

User Experience

The camera’s touchscreen display is quite functional and easy to use. However, because it needs waterproof housing, you’ll need to push the buttons hard if you want them to register your intended actions. Other than that, everything else concerning user experience is great.

  • Responsive Wi-Fi remote
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Burst-photo and time-lapse functionality
  • 180p/60fps 4K resolution
  • No image stabilization
  • Can’t change your field of view

Why Should You Get It?

Yes, you’re not going to be getting what the latest GoPro cameras have to offer. However, considering you’ll still get good photo and video results at a fraction of the price, you may want to strongly consider trying out this option.

8. YI 4K+ Action Camera – Best Action

Xiaomi’s YI action camera is taking GoPro head-on. Why do we say this? Because it matches most of its specifications with all its fierce rivals. Like many of the most recent GoPro action cam installments, the YI 4K+ has ultra-detailed 4K/30fps resolution and produces fantastic 12MP stills.

YI 4K+ Action Camera

Below are some of the other exciting features you’ll have access to when you get this camera.

Sleek-Looking Overall Design

Besides having rose-gold, white or black color scheme options, this matchbox-sized action cam generally has a sleek overall design style. However, even though the design is aesthetically pleasing, its tough plastic casing helps make it both durable and functional as well.

Offers Great Handling and a Sturdy Build Quality

Solid, smooth, and well-built, this action camera takes seconds to power on, which is impressive and helpful in motovlogging. The one-press shutter feature helps make it easy to operate, as the button is naturally placed to where you’d pinch the device when holding it.

Sharp Image Quality in Bright Conditions

Produces ultra-sharp and colorful 4K/30fps footage in bright conditions. However, panning can sometimes produce slight jerkiness, which will also reveal a bit of distortion caused by the camera’s fisheye lens at the tops and corners of your images. You can also expect to take great images, especially when capturing wide-angle vistas.

Instant Sharing

High speed WiFi connectivity and in-built Bluetooth allows you to share videos and images instantly. The Yi Action application helps make this process even ten times faster, and you can live stream and share on social media with it.

Intuitive Touchscreen

Comes with an in-built 2.2-inch touchscreen LCD display with 640×360 hi-res for easy previewing, shooting and setting of camera modes and features. The touchscreen display is made using Gorilla Glass Retina to help make it scratch-resistant.


  • Video: 4K/30fps resolution
  • Photo: 12 megapixel still images
  • Display: 2.19-inch touchscreen

User Experience

The camera has a settings dial feature that gives the user access to an on-screen menu for video and camera functionality. This settings dial is straightforward and considerably easy to use. There are also a lot of qualities and resolutions you can play around with.

  • Produces ultra-detailed 4K/30fps video footage
  • Huge touchscreen display screen
  • 155-degree wide-angle lens
  • Smooth 1080p/120fps footage
  • No GPS or voice-activated controls
  • Can’t capture still pictures in RAW format
  • Image stabilization could’ve been much better

Why Should You Get It?

Yes, this may not be the best camera for motovlogging, but it’s more than capable of getting the job done. Its responsive and sizable touchscreen, fast file transfer functionality, and its big battery will help ensure this.

How To Choose The Best Camera For Motovlogging

Most motovloggers get confused about the type of camera they need for their action vlogging. Below are a few things you need to consider when getting the best camera for motovlogging.

How to choose the Best Camera for Motovlogging

Video Quality

Arguably, the most critical thing is video resolution quality. Your motovlog content should be crisp and clear if you want your content to be popular. Most popular motovloggers use action cameras that offer 4K and FPS shooting, such as the Hero9 Black.


The motovlogging camera you’re considering should be sturdy and tough enough to take pictures and videos in harsh climatic environments and on challenging paths. If you want the action camera to last long, pick one with good product quality.


Most action cameras for motovlogging have more than one mic with good audio quality. However, the best of the best gives the option of adding an external mic to the camera by positioning it on the chest or helmet rig. With that said, not many cameras have this option so choose wisely.


Almost all the action cameras on this list are considerably budget-friendly. Many of them you can easily afford. However, don’t prioritize saving money over video quality.

Battery Life

Motovloggers sometimes have to shoot videos for extended periods, meaning they’ll probably need a long battery life camera. Yes, you can carry extra batteries, but it’s always better and less stressful when you don’t have to. Consider going for the latter. Some motovlogging cameras can even offer non-stop shooting for up to an hour or so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Money Motovlogging?

Yes. Motovloggers can make money by putting their videos on YouTube. They get paid every time an ad is displayed or when someone watches any content they publish. The key to success is to create interesting motovlogs using quality action cameras.

However, you can also make money as motovlogger via affiliate commissions and sponsored deals. You can market some of the products and accessories you use when motovlogging and then get a small cut whenever someone buys the products and services you’re endorsing.

Is It Legal To Attach A Camera To A Motorcycle Helmet?

Even though there aren’t any laws that expressly prohibit motorcyclists from mounting action cams onto their helmets, law enforcement officials can sometimes pull you over and request you remove the helmet camera because it might fly off and strike another pedestrian or vehicle.

In the United Kingdom, it’s legal to attach action cams to helmets only if you’re using a camera bracket. You can’t secure the camera by drilling holes in your helmet. That would be considered illegal.

With that said, the legaility of attaching action cameras to motorcycle helmets is still very unclear in most jurisdictions across the globe.

Should I Use An External Mic For Motovlogging?

The short answer is yes. Okay, even though you don’t necessarily need one, it’s advisable to have one if you want to create top-notch motovlogging content. While most popular motovlogging cameras have an in-built mic, all cameras are designed explicitly with picture quality as a priority, meaning audio is often an afterthought.

So if audio quality is something you deem a priority when shooting your action footage, you’ll definitely want to get an extra microphone to get the best sound quality possible.

Final Thoughts

Recording great action content from your motorcycle experiences can be tricky, let alone vlogging about it. However, getting the best camera for motovlogging will allow you to capture and record the best action content possible. So, if you’re looking to record vlog content on your motorbike, get the GoPro HERO10 Black Waterproof Action Camera.

Besides being the latest installment in the GoPro Hero roster, it also comes with the new GP2 Processor to ensure you get some of the most captivating video content ever. If you want the best of the best, the GoPro Hero10 is it.

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