How Much 4k Video Can 64GB Hold?

4k video has become increasingly famous over other video storage devices and cards. Now, many people are trying to expand the storage capacity of their devices for various purposes.

A storage capacity of 64 GB can accommodate about 75 minutes of 4k videos. It’s more complex than this when talking about how much 4k video can 64 GB hold, as there are other variables to consider.

This article will talk about all factors to consider when deciding the size of a 4K video, how large a 4k video is, and how much storage it can accommodate.

Storage Capacity Of A 4k Video

The 4k video is bigger than most 1080 videos available on the market. With the 64 GB storage, it could take up to 6 hours of 1080 p video footage. This happens because of the framerate which allows the 4k video to need about 400 MB for 69 seconds of video at 35 frames per second. What storage capacity do you require for 4k video?

The answer to this varies, however, 75 seconds of 4k video needs about 120 GB of storage capacity, which translates to a little above 2.1 GB per minute.

Succinctly, since larger capacity is needed when you want to save clear video footage, one must consider some factors when buying a 4k SD card. Have it in the back of your mind that the better the quality of your 4k video card, the longer it will last.

How Much 4k Footage Can 256 GB Contain?

A bigger version of the 64Gb storage is the 256 GB which many people purchase. However, it is important to know that this will be more expensive than the 64 GB card. Knowing the exact 4k video a 256 GB can hold depends on the memory card.

How much 4k video can 64 GB hold

A typical example is the one provided by Samsung which sells a 256 GB memory card and claims it can accommodate more than 13 hours of videos.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as most Samsung SD cards use Nano Technology which allows cards a reading speed of 99 Mbps and a write rate of 04 Mbps. It should be expected though, that this SD card will come at a good rate. The average rate is around $220 but it is worth every penny.

How Much Can A 128 GB Store Age Card Hold A 4k Video?

Normally, it is expected that an average 128 GB memory card should be able to hold 6 hours of 4k video footage. This isn’t sacrosanct because the best memory card brands use different technology and this affects how many videos they can accommodate.

The technologies used by the memory card brands allow different compression abilities as explained with the Samsung brand above. It is recommended that before purchasing a 128 GB SD card, one should check how the Mbps can read and write.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Card For A 4k Video?

Choosing the best SD cards to store videos can be complicated because of the numerous brands and specifications, here are some useful tips to help you:

Avoid Looking At Price

While it is usually accepted that the more expensive an SD card, the better, however, this isn’t entirely correct. Check carefully before purchasing a card and also consider your needs.

If you aren’t an avid photographer or video enthusiast, a 64 GB is good. Also, don’t stick with a crank, check reviews and compare other brands to find the best card for storage.

Check To Write And Read Speed

This is a very important criterion to consider when buying an SD card. Don’t just look for how many minutes it can accommodate, check how fast it can read and write.

Comparison Sites And Feedback

There isn’t a better way to get good reviews about a memory card than for those who have the experience. There are many photography review websites that you can check to get the best results and rates for the best cards to buy. Also, talk to professionals and video experts about their experiences, their information should come in handy.

Top SD Cards To Consider For Your 4k Video?

Let’s look at reputable brands when it comes to memory and SD cards.

Top SD cards to consider for your 4k Video


This Korean brand is arguably a top brand when it comes to electronics and technology, therefore they are one of the best to consider when it comes to memory card storage.

Regularly, they use the latest technologies to offer top cards with good compression and read rates. Another good thing about Samsung cards is their affordable rates and high-capacity accessories.


Another reliable brand in the memory card industry is Scandisk. They have a reputation for superior cards when it comes to writing videos with an average speed of 96 and 88 mb/s.

However, like most top-grade electronic accessories, they can be more expensive than close brands. However, if you don’t mind the slightly high rate, it is a very good brand.


Although the Lexar SD card brand isn’t as popular as other brands they do offer splendid memory card quality. Because they aren’t well-known, their product is more affordable than most memory cards.

Therefore, for those looking for excellent memory cards on a budget, they could consider the Lexar brand.


This is a very popular storage brand across Europe, America, and Asia. They provide good SD cards at very cheap prices. You could also get the Kingston memory brand in several capacities.

Aside, from storage devices, they provide good quality cameras and photography accessories.

How much 4k video can 64 GB hold depends on factors we have discussed in this article. We have also talked about the top SD card brands you can purchase according to your budget.

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