How to Charge a Nikon Camera Without Charger

Most Nikon cameras need a huge amount of energy to keep them working all the time.

This is the reason why most new Nikon Cameras come with a peg for the number of shots you can take at a time.

The built-in battery that comes with the camera usually runs out of power, which means you need to charge it regularly.

This article aims to offer some crucial suggestions which will come in handy to recharge your Nikon Camera at any time. We will talk about how you can charge your Nikon Camera without a charger and recommend alternative power sources.

Charge Nikon Camera Without Charger

How to Charge a Nikon Camera Without Charger

1. Get a Mobile Charger

While most Nikon cameras, especially the D series, come with a Li-ion battery, it is accompanied by an Mh-25 charger which will supply the right load for it. In the absence of this mobile charger with a capacity of 8. 4 voltage and 0.9 will be appropriate.

These charges are usually called turbochargers because they supply good voltage for numerous gadgets.

2. Get a Good USB cable

Using a USB cable to charge the Nikon camera better is also a good alternative. This can be done using a small battery control converter via PC.

charge nikon camera with mobile

Click the battery lock in the position of the arrow and put the battery pack firmly in its Chambers. Make sure the terminals are fixed on the battery pack. Open the battery cover while Nikon Camera is off and put the USB plug on the cable.

Then put the big connector on the power adapter or USB cable of a computer system. This creates an alternative portable power supply for the camera. When the camera is charged completely, the lights go off.

3. Friction

This is a very complicated, old-school but useful method of charging your Nikon camera without a charger. The friction creates heat which in turn produces electricity. It isn’t a professional method, however, it works well.

When you discover your Nikon Camera is out of juice, rub the battery on your hand or smooth surface for some time, this will create some power for your camera to come on.

4. Using another battery to charge it

Remove the camera better and search for other devices’ batteries related to AA, +AA, AAA, or 9 voltage. Check the descriptions on the battery for the positive or negative connectors, then look for the ones which are suitable and have enough power to charge your Nikon Camera.

Buy a good double metal cable online or from a local electrical shop near you. With the cables, connect both batteries for some time and it will work perfectly.

5. Car Battery

When your Nikon Camera goes out of juice, find at least half an amp to power into the battery. Also, get a bulb that will perform a regulator role.

Most vehicles come with about 14 volts of battery, 50% of this should be enough to power your camera. Buy at least four bulbs with about 5 volts which will be mounted in symmetry lines to allow power to flow through them.

Please when using this method to charge your Nikon camera, don’t leave it unattended, it could be harmful to you and your family. Also, refrain from charging too long to prevent overloading camera batteries.

6. Via DC Source and Resistor

Another option is searching for a suitable DC power source from reputable online stores. Before doing this, check your battery voltage and Ohms’ law to ascertain the type of resistor that is suitable for power flow.

After the resistor is identified, check for affordable resistor brands via online reviews and comparison sites. Good conductors of heat elements are Deep fryers, toasters, or electrical dryers.

Also, like the car charger mentioned above, get bulbs to regulate the current. Bulbs are excellent choices because they have increased the intensity when power is reefer and filament is warm.

Also, use an amp because it is a great fuse for all electrical appliances. Get an affordable multimeter to gauge current during this process and put on some cover for your eyes and nose.

7. Purchase a power bank

For mobile phones and Laptops, there is an auxiliary source of power for a Camera like Nikon which you can use once you are out of power. Most brands with these ‘Power banks’ can be found online, however, their prices vary.

These Nikon power banks can also be pocket-friendly, however, there are big banks that are slightly heavy. It depends on how much external power you will need for your trip.

You can check New Age, Samsung, Oriamo, and others for the exact external power bank your Nikon Camera will need.

8. Get a New Camera battery or charger

When all attempts to charge your Nikon battery fails, the final option is to buy a new Camera battery that is affordable. Check for Nikon Camera brands that are available for each model.

Though many online and offline vendors sell user Nikon batteries, if you can, buy new Nikon camera batteries only. The benefits of getting a new camera battery are enormous like the Manufacturer’s warranty, affordable, and lasting longer.

It isn’t just about the battery, you could buy a new Nikon camera charger. Luckily for those who buy jew Nikon cameras, most come with two chargers.

Bottom Line

It isn’t uncommon to have your Nikon camera out of battery suddenly, especially for professional photographers. Carrying extra batteries is recommended, but this article has discussed extensively how to charge a Nikon camera without a charger.

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