How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens? [6 Quick & Easy Ways]

Electronic devices can malfunction at the most inopportune times, and your camera is no different. Sometimes it will need to go in to be repaired, but other times, you may be able to fix the problem on your own. If your camera falls with the lens extended, it may end up with dirt inside that causes the camera lens to jam. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can fix your camera lens quickly.

Will a Warranty Cover a Jammed Camera Lens?

If you have a warranty on your camera lens, you may wonder if it will cover a jammed lens. Sometimes, you will be able to have your lens repaired free of charge. However, some warranties won’t cover dropping the lens, so you need to find out from your warranty provider.

You can call the service center and tell them what is happening with your camera lens. They will let you know if it is covered. If they cover it, you can either mail them the lens or drop it off, and they will fix it or replace it.

Another thing to remember is that if you try to fix your lens on your own as opposed to taking it to an authorized professional, it may void the warranty on your entire camera. However, getting your lens fixed by a professional can be very expensive, so when you try to fix it, do so carefully so that you don’t harm any other parts of the lens or the camera.

6 Ways to Fix Your Jammed Camera Lens

There are several different simple fixes that might help you with your jammed camera lens.

How to Fix a Jammed Camera Lens

1. Replace Your Battery

Although you may have dropped your camera and then discovered that the lens doesn’t extend, it may not be jammed at all. You may have a problem with your battery. Your battery needs to have enough power to extend your lens, so this could indicate that it is time to replace the battery.

You might have rechargeable batteries, so you can stick them on the charger and let them fully charge before putting them back in. Then, try to extend your lens again, and see if it works.

If your lens was extended when you dropped your camera, you may be able to reset the camera. You can do this by turning it off and removing the battery and the memory card. Then, replace the battery, but keep the memory card out for now. See if you can extend the lens. The camera will try to reset it, which can fix your jammed lens. If you are successful, you can insert the memory card back into the camera and continue taking photographs.

2. Clean the Lens

Another reason that the lens might get stuck is that dust or dirt got into the lens through the small gaps when the lens was extended. When this dust or dirt gets inside, it can cause your lens to jam. You will want to use an air blower to clean the gaps of your lens. You can also use a piece of paper, but an air blower is the best way to get all of the dust out. Once you finish cleaning it, see if the lens works again.

3. Wiggle the Lens Barrel

When your camera extends your lens, the section in the middle of the lens rotates. When it is jammed, it is not able to rotate. If you dropped the lens, it could be stuck, and wiggling the lens barrel can help to unstick it. Start by pushing or pulling on the lens barrel to see if you can jostle it loose. Don’t be forceful; simply wiggle it back and forth to see if the camera is able to extend or retract it from there.

4. Clean Your Lens Barrel

If you successfully helped your camera retract or extend the lens by wiggling the barrel, you will need to clean your lens barrel. There may be dirt or dust particles inside from the fall. You can hold your camera so that it faces the ground, and shake it a little bit. Then, take a small handheld vacuum and set it on low. You can gently vacuum out any particles that remain in the lens barrel. Wiggling the lens barrel may have helped you get the lens to move, but it will continue to get jammed if it is dirty and you don’t clean it.

Clean Your Lens Barrel

You can also use an air duster to force the dust particles out of the crevices inside the barrel. You should spray it evenly in any cracks on the sides, and then turn your camera off and back on again. This is another way to clean your lens barrel.

5. Try Plugging in Your AV Cable

Sometimes your camera needs more energy to extend or retract the lens if there are any dust particles inside. Plugging in the AV cable can give your camera the extra energy and strength it needs to unjam the lens. If this works, you may still need to replace the battery or clean your lens, but it might fix the problem.

6. You Can Force an Autofocus

Another feature that most digital cameras have in common is that they try to autofocus when they extend the lens. This could help you resolve your problem. All you need to do is hold down your shutter release to cause the barrel to move. As you hold it down, press the power button at the same time. You should make sure that your camera is on a stable surface, and keep the lens facing up.

Final Words

If you find that your camera lens is jammed, there are a few different methods you can use to try to fix it. Make sure that you are careful so that you don’t do anything to interfere with your camera’s warranty.

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