What Kind of Cameras Do Movies Use? [need to Know]

If you want to shoot movies with your camera, you have a number of options available. Besides using your smartphone, you can get a mirrorless camera or DSLR camera. They produce good-quality video because the camera market has improved so much.

You can find one that is reasonably priced and can shoot movies in high resolution up to 4K or even 6K. They have little noise and record well in low light settings. They can also track subjects as they move because they come with continuous autofocus.

Using a DSLR Camera to Make Movies

When you use a DSLR camera to make movies, you will need to use some of the principles that you use for photography. In addition, you will need to learn some other settings and techniques to make videos.

Using a DSLR Camera to Make Movies

Start by making sure that you have the equipment you need. You need a DSLR camera, a lens with a wide aperture, such as f1.4, and a tripod. You might also want a variable ND filter, a fast memory card, and extra batteries. Once you complete filming, you need editing software to put it all together.

When you are using your DSLR camera to make movies, you need to make sure that the shutter speed of the camera matches the frame rate. The ideal way to shoot film is to use 1/50 and a frame fate of 24 fps. You will find these settings in your camera menu.

Next, you should look to see if you can change your picture style to neutral. This setting will tone down the contrast, sharpness, and saturation to zero. You will have better ability to edit your film when you finish.

Another thing to set is your white balance, also called WB. You might be accustomed to using your auto white balance for photography, but it isn’t a great option for video. It is harder to put different video clips together if the white balance isn’t the same. Use a grey card when you shoot a new scene so that your white balance will match.

Once you adjust these settings, you can start filming. Keep your DSLR camera in manual mode. Since you are using a shutter speed of 1.50, you will need to consider where you are shooting. Your lens and your variable ND filter will be invaluable, especially if you are shooting in a bright light or a low light setting.

If you are shooting your movie outdoors in full sunlight, use your variable ND filter and narrow your aperture to f/16 or f.20. This will let less light in. This filter does a great job of blocking the light, and you should keep your ISO at 100 or whatever your lowest setting is.

In low light, you aren’t getting enough light into your lens. You can increase your ISO to 800 and use a lens with a wide aperture such as f/1.4.

Next, set your camera to manual focus. Pay attention to your viewfinder screen so that you can ensure that the image is clear. You can also autofocus the scene and then switch to manual focus while keeping the same setting.

You can use several other techniques to produce a good movie. Create a shallow depth of field, where the background is bokeh and the foreground is in focus. When you make your aperture wider, the depth of field will be more pronounced. You can also shift focus while you are filming to bring a different area into focus.

You should also use a tripod. This will keep the camera slow and steady. You will be able to use slow panning shots, which is where this camera does well. Camera shake will be very noticeable if you are at all unsteady holding the camera, so the tripod will eliminate this problem.

Using a Mirrorless Camera to Make Movies

You can also use a mirrorless camera to make movies. This works well for people who already have a mirrorless camera, but they are becoming affordable for those who don’t. Once you have your camera, you need to get ready to make movies.

Mirrorless Camera to Make Movies

When you choose your lens, make sure that it has the ability to stabilize. Canon calls it image stabilization, while Nikon calls it vibration reduction. You will want a smaller lens so that you won’t have trouble holding it steady.

Another factor to keep in mind is that it is difficult to get rid of any dirt or dust spots when you are editing your video. You should make sure that you keep a camera and lens cleaning kit with you, and use your rocket blower as often as you need to. You should also keep extra batteries because video takes more power than photography.

Mirrorless cameras have good microphones that are built in, but you should use an external shotgun microphone if you have one. It is compact and powered by the battery in your camera, and you just need a connection cable and a windscreen. You could also use headphones to listen to the audio while you make the movie.

Most mirrorless cameras come with some kind of stabilizer within the camera. Check what your camera has, and get a tripod to help. If you get one with a video head, you will be able to keep the camera still while you are filming. You can use a gimbal if you plan to move around.

It is important to have a high-capacity memory card because your camera will likely let you shoot in 4K. However, it needs to be fast and you need several of them to get all of your footage recorded. Video takes up a lot of space, so make sure that your memory card has a high enough capacity.

When you finish making your movie, you will want to use video editing software to put it all together. There are a lot of great choices out there, and they are user-friendly.

Final Words

Most cameras today allow you to take video. You can even use your smartphone. Two great options for shooting quality movies are the DSLR and mirrorless cameras. You can make nearly professional-level movies once you learn how to take advantage of the benefits these cameras have to offer.

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