What is Nesop?

Nesop is a wonderful place for a professional photographer to a beginner-level photographer. The site is operated by expert photographers, graphics designers, technology specialists, and many more.

From here, you’ll find detailed information on photography cameras, gear, lenses, and other accessories. Our expert will help you to select the most suitable one according to your needs and requirements.

At Nesop, you’ll learn the basics of photography to advanced-level photography. Like, street-photography, portrait-photography, landscape-photography, wildlife-photography, macro-photography, night sky-photography, etc., and black & white photography.

So, if you’re looking for a digital camera, lens, and different photography gear to start your photography career, Nesop is the right place for you. We’ll guide you to the best camera and other photography tools, along with detailed reviews, tips, and tutorials to photographers of all levels.

Our Team

Nessa Opstad

Nessa Opstad is the owner and editor of this site, Nesop. He’s a professional photographer. Nessa achieved more than 100+ photography awards in his Photography career.

Among these awards, the most prestigious award he got is IPA or International Photography Award and Sony World Photography Award. Besides photography, he also loves to write on different photography cameras, tools, and tips and tricks.

From the beginning of his photography career, Nessa has a dream that he wants to help people who’re willing to learn photography. Consequently, he created this site Nesop and wrote articles, provide the latest photography news, digital camera and lens reviews, tips, and detailed tutorials to photographers of all levels.

Larry E. Josephson

Larry is the chief editor of our site Nesop. Professionally, he’s a commercial advertising photographer. Because of his profession, there are no single cameras and tools that Larry hadn’t used yet. He knows about the camera and photography tools better than anyone else on our team. That’s the main reason we hired him and made him the leader of our expert team.

Juan K. Roach

Juan is a technical writer of Nesop. He’s a professional graphics designer and a passionate photographer. Juan has a vast knowledge of photography and photo editing. All the photo editing pro tips and tricks that you find on this site, he’s the man behind it.

Our Review Process

Market And Product Research

Researching the product and its market is the beginning task of our product review process. Our dedicated team deeply researches the market to understand its current condition and consumer behavior. We mainly focus on the popular products of the top brands while researching the market.

Key Features Identification

Different brands offer different features with their product. Not all the features are essential for its user. Therefore we decide the core features of the product that are most important for the customers. So that you don’t have to pay any additional charge for unwanted features.

Product Selection

Through market research, we make a preliminary list of the best product of the top brands. Then our expert team separates the products according to their core features to select the final product. In the final product selection, we give priority to the best-selling products that customers loved very much.

Review Analysis Of The Real Buyers

Analyzing the product reviews of the real user is one of the most crucial tasks in our product review process. By analyzing the real buyer’s review we get a real-life idea about the product. To complete this process precisely, we also developed an advanced system that easily detects unnatural reviews. So that we can only focus on the real buyer’s review.

Product Ranking

Not all the products we got, we list them on our site. Only the best one secures its place. To determine the best one we go through a ranking process. Our expert team gives scores to every product according to its characteristics, quality, features, functionality, and price. A product that got the highest score gets top rank.

Review Writing

After completing the market research and product analysis process our expert team forwarded the data to our writing team. Then writing team writes an in-detail review of the product based on the research findings.

Buying Guide

We sum up all of our research findings in a buying guide. With the help of a buying guide, you can pick the most appropriate product for you based on your budget and requirement.

Our Testing Methodology

Our testing methodology is a very simple and well-organized process. First, we divided the task among the team members based on their skills and knowledge. Then a group of team members starts the market research and product analysis.

After completing the market research they make a list of the best products of the top quality brand. Later our expert team identifies their core features and analyzes the real-buyer reviews of that particular product.

Once we complete all the above steps, we forwarded all of our research findings to the writing team. Writing team recheck all the data and then list them on our site with an in-detail review and complete buying guideline.