How To Clean Camera Lens Without Lens Cleaner?

Getting a clear and vivid picture requires your camera lens to be cleaned regularly, however it isn’t every time we have cleaning accessories to take care of our dirty lens.

The question about how to clean camera lenses without lens cleaner arises. The best methods to clean your camera lens without using a cleaning kit are using an excellent microfiber fabric and clean breath. The moist nature of your breath removes any dust or oil from the lens.

This article will discuss other household items needed to clean your camera lens and other necessary information.

Various Household Materials That Can Clean A Camera Lens

There are times when one needs to tidy a camera lens without using a lens cleaner, there are some materials at home that are cheap and can do the job perfectly.

clean a camera lens

Microfiber Cloth

Although it looks ordinary, a microfiber fiber can do cleaning asides from the lens. Microfiber cloths can clean your camera lens, PC glass, or even some kitchen dishes.

They are very slim fabrics that can be found easily. This makes them a perfect material for cleaning glasses and other household accessories wiping away moisture easily. It is required to scrub slowly to avoid breaking the glass.

Turkey Baster

Wiping a camera lens requires not just scrubbing away the dirt but blowing away some debris that could have settled on the glass. To ensure all dirt is removed, you may require a lens puffer, however, in the absence of this, a Turkey baster would do a good job.

This turkey blaster has a big rubber ball that can be squeezed slowly to blow the air. It doesn’t make a mess like a lens puffer and cleans much dirt from the lens camera well.

Eyeglasses Cleaner

Anyone who requires an excellent material to clean dirt or remove tough smudges from their glass or lens should get an eyeglasses cleaner.

Usually, some people have glasses around, therefore getting one should be easy. Similar to video cleaners, an eyeglass cleaner consists of alcohol which dissolves tough diets on camera lenses.

It doesn’t have any adverse effect, just scrub slowly. With the eyeglass cleaner, you don’t require much quantity. An important thing to note is avoiding applying directly to the lens, get a clean fabric and add a small solution for the effective dirt removal.


Though some consider it unhygienic and unhealthy, research has shown that mouth breathing is a cheaper avenue of cleaning camera lenses.

Though some suggest using your spittoon, however, breath is better and less toxic. Sometimes, when other household accessories aren’t available, just get a clean cloth and use your breath as moisture to clean your lens.

Steps To Clean A Camera Lens Using Household Items

Now that you have all your household accessories, here are the procedures for cleaning your camera lens:

clean a Camera lens using household items

Step One

Use the Turkey blaster or any other lens puffer to blow any dust and debris. Before touching the camera lens, be assured that it is free of all dust particles.

Point directly to the lens and avoid touching it. Probably, it is important to press the baster slowly and blow some air on the lens. Please avoid using your mouth to blow because of some of your saliva nightfall on the lens. To make it cleaner, choose the baster.

 Step two

If you consider using a cleaning solution or breath, then consider something that will eradicate the oil and grime. As discussed earlier, making use of an alcohol-based solution is your best bet especially for tough stains.

You may use the breath, or mixed both, however, avoid the wrong mixture. For effecting cleaning using this, you will need to apply this more than once.

Step three

When using a microfiber cloth, consider doing it in a round motion beginning from the center. It becomes necessary because it helps remove diets from the lens working from the center.

This idea comes in handy particularly when cleaning tough areas and covers the whole camera lens. If you use a broader avenue, it may cause the lens to streak which may cause more harm to the lens.

When using the microfiber cloth, press the clean fabric against the glass firmly. Doing this removes any oily spots swiftly.

Why Do You Require A Cleaning Kit For Your Camera Lens?

Having discussed effectively how to clean the camera lens using house items, many wonder about the need for a cleaning kit? There are many reasons why it is important to have basic household kits for cleaning, they include :


One could be shooting a video in a location and forgot to pick up some wiping materials, however having these household kits help to clean the lens without much ado. These items are easily accessible and won’t give many problems.

Gives Deep Cleaning

While many spend tons of money on Cleaning solutions, using Turkey blasters, microfiber cloth, or breath can do as much and even better than other camera kits cleaners.

Affordable Option

Another advantage of using household kits to remove stains from your camera lens is because it is cheaper and offers great quantity.

You don’t need to spend much money to clean up your camera lens after spending on the camera itself. The most pertinent thing is getting your lens clean, and at cheap prices, these kits would do fine.

This article has dealt extensively with how you can clean the camera lens without a cleaning kit just using basic household kits. We have discussed household items required and procedures that are required to use them effectively.

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